March 22, 2019
Arena and Convention Centre Liverpool
Europe/London timezone

Energy efficiency of particle accelerators and colliders

Convener: Dr Philippe Lebrun, CERN and European Scientific Institute, France

Particle accelerators and colliders at the energy and intensity frontiers feature beam power in the multi MW range with overall grid-to-beam efficiency below 10 %, resulting in costly electricity bills, large heat rejection and increasingly difficult acceptance by society. With several new large projects in construction or in study, it is therefore essential to diagnose the sources of inefficiencies and understand the potential for improvement in the different systems at stake. First, the relation between beam parameters and performance to the users must be established for the different types of machines. One can then define efficiency estimators based on different sources of losses, from the “intrinsic” ones resulting from beam physics to those depending on accelerator technology and technical infrastructure, and apply them to the accelerators and colliders under study. This enables to propose strategies for better efficiency, to be implemented through targeted technological developments and energy management processes.