March 22, 2019
Arena and Convention Centre Liverpool
Europe/London timezone

Novel materials and material processing techniques

Convener: Dr Liam O'Brien, University of Liverpool

Investigation of novel materials, their handling, behaviour and large scale industrial applicability are essential for the beam-screen / beam-pipe system of the Future Circular Collider. FCC fosters investigations on superconducting thin-film coatings and Non Evaporable Getter (NEG) materials, which may lead to a successful transfer of fundamentally new technology to the market. For example, developments of thin film NEG coatings for the Large Electron Positron (LEP) collider and the LHC have led to series production of highly efficient solar panels.

Novel “additive” manufacturing processes are also considered in the FCC study. They may lead to seamless surfaces, corrosion protective, cost-cut components to produce, for instance, complex metal parts for gas turbines.

Other materials under investigation are molybdenum-carbide-graphite composite, which can find applications in aircraft design or space applications, and amorphous carbon, with potential applications in powering systems at high frequencies, and on-board radiofrequency systems of satellites.