11 February 2019 to 2 March 2019
Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, KOLKATA
Asia/Kolkata timezone
Academic Programme is now available - please check for updates


The Nuclear Physics Group of  Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics,

aim to evolve a national nodal centre for Nuclear Astrophysics involving experimentalists and theoreticians working around the Facility for experimental Nuclear Astrophysics (FRENA). 

This is a UNIQUE research accelerator where specific physics goal has been kept in mind while deciding the machine parameters.

The facility consists of  a High-Current Tandetron,  which  will deliver light ion (H ~350 euA and He~50 euA at 3 MV) as well as  heavy ions (~2-10 puA at 3MV) and variable pulsed light ion beams of H, and He.


The group is  hosting  the first 

SERB  School on Nuclear Astrophysics

of 21 days duration consisting of lectures and hands-on activities.