11 February 2019 to 2 March 2019
Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, KOLKATA
Asia/Kolkata timezone
Academic Programme is now available - please check for updates

Motivation of the School

  • The students will

    • will attend introductory classes for theoretical understanding of issues in Nuclear Astrophysics

    • get training on software /techniques for simulations,  analysis and interpretation

    • will learn essential details of small accelerators and their handling

    • learn to design chambers and

    • prepare  targets

    • get idea on basic safety features

  • The laboratory courses will be designed to train the students on techniques relevant for direct measurements in experimental Nuclear Astrophysics utilising low energy small accelerators.

  • They will understand the experimental challenges faced in these measurements. They will know about

    • special targets

    • background suppression techniques

    • handling of high current 

    • analysis tools

  • Theoretical courses on different models  to interpret the data will be taught.