NExT Meeting at Southampton

Wednesday, 7 November 2018 - 13:00
University of Southampton, Building 46, Third Floor, Lecture Theatre A (Room 3001)

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7 Nov 2018
13:00 Sebastian Jaeger (Univ. of Sussex): "Perspectives on New Physics from B-physics anomalies"   ()
13:45 Yao-Bei Liu (Univ. of Southampton): "Probing anomalous top-Higgs couplings at the HL-LHC via H→WW∗ decay channels"   ()
14:15 Steve King (Univ. of Southampton): "Theories of Flavour from the Planck scale to the Electroweak Scale"   ()
15:00 --- Coffee/Tea Break (in foyer on second floor of physics buildlng) ---
15:30 Basem El Menoufi (Univ. of Sussex): "Quantum gravity as an EFT, black hole thermodynamics, and an excursion into the UV"   ()
16:00 Luke Arpino (Univ. of Sussex): "WW Production With a Jet Veto Made Simple(r)"   ()
16:30 Muyuan Song (Univ. of Southampton): "Light Charged Higgs boson with dominant cb decay from 3HDM and detection prospects"   ()