Non-perturbative renormalization of proton decay matrix elements

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Parallel Physics Beyond the Standard Model Physics Beyond the Standard Model


Jun-Sik Yoo


We present lattice calculation results for the proton decay matrix elements along with preliminary result of non-perturbative renormalization. The computation is done by using 2+1 flavor dynamic domain wall fermions at the physical point on the $24^3 \times 64$ lattice with lattice spacing $a^{-1}$ = 1GeV. The matrix element computations was done with 121 gauge configurations and non-perturbative renormalization was done with 30 gauge configurations. All of the computation employed 32+1 All-Modes-Averaging(AMA) method.

Primary authors

Jun-Sik Yoo Sergey Syritsyn (Stony Brook University)

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