Lattice 2019 is the 37th international conference on lattice field theory. The aim of this conference is to discuss new developments in lattice field theory and its applications in particle physics, nuclear physics and computational physics.  Around 400 theoretical (dominated) and experimental physicists from all over the world get together annually to exchange information on the forefront researches in this field and related subjects.

Following the previous Lattice conference in Michigan, USA in 2018, the current meeting will be held in Wuhan from June 16 to June 22, 2019. Recent meetings have taken place in Granada, Spain in 2017 and Southampton, UK in 2016. Details concerning prior meetings are available using the Previous Lattice conferences link available in the left menu.


The scientific topics addressed by this conference are:

  • Algorithms and Machines
  • Applications Beyond QCD
  • Chiral Symmetry
  • Hadron Spectroscopy and Interactions
  • Hadron Structure
  • Nonzero Temperature and Density
  • Physics Beyond the Standard Model
  • Standard Model Parameters and Renormalization
  • Theoretical Developments
  • Vacuum Structure and Confinement
  • Weak Decays and Matrix Elements


General Information:

Venue: Hilton Hotel Wuhan Riverside
Dates: June 16-22, 2019