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Mar 25 – 29, 2019
SDSC Auditorium
America/Los_Angeles timezone

Using the dynafed data federation as site storage element

Mar 27, 2019, 9:00 AM
E-B 212 (SDSC Auditorium)

E-B 212

SDSC Auditorium

10100 Hopkins Drive La Jolla, CA 92093-0505
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Marcus Ebert (University of Victoria)


We describe our experience and use of the Dynafed data federator with cloud and traditional Grid computing resources as an substitute for a traditional Grid SE.
This is an update of the report given at the Fall HEPiX meeting of 2017 where we introduced our use case for such federation and described our initial experience with it.
We used Dynafed in production for Belle-II since late 2017 and also in testing mode for Atlas. We will report on changes we made since then to our setup and also report on changes in Dynafed itself that makes it more suitable as a site SE. We will also report on a new monitoring system we developed for such data federation and report also on a way to use such data federation by anyone who uses distributed compute and storage but with the need to read/write from a local file system.

Primary authors

Marcus Ebert (University of Victoria) Frank Berghaus (University of Victoria (CA)) Dr Kevin Casteels (University of Victoria) Colson Driemel (University of Victoria) Fernando Fernandez Galindo (TRIUMF (CA)) Colin Roy Leavett-Brown (University of Victoria (CA)) Michael Paterson (U) Rolf Seuster (University of Victoria (CA)) Randy Sobie (University of Victoria (CA)) Reda Tafirout (TRIUMF (CA))

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