BaBar 25th Anniversary



David MacFarlane (Stanford Linear Accelerator Center), Michael Roney (University of Victoria)

It has been 25 years since the inauguration of the "detector" collaboration for PEP-II during the Nov 30 - Dec 4, 1993 collaboration meeting number 1. The BaBar christening came later, we needed to establish the Collaboration Council for that.

Now, 25 years later, PEP-II and the BaBar detector were actually built(!). We published 576 papers (and counting) on CP violation and many other things in what can only be described as a hugely successful collaboration. A good time to reminisce, contemplate what we have learned, and celebrate!



BaBar 25th Anniversary Registration
  • Adrian Bevan
  • Alberto Lusiani
  • Bertrand Echenard
  • Bill Gary
  • Blair Ratcliff
  • Brian Meadows
  • Christopher Hearty
  • Claudia Patrignani
  • Clive Field
  • Concetta Cartaro
  • David Hitlin
  • David Muller
  • Dennis Herbert Wright
  • Diego Bettoni
  • Dorothy Leung
  • Douglas Wright
  • Eleonora Luppi
  • Fabio Anulli
  • Fabrizio Bianchi
  • Francesco Forti
  • Frank Porter
  • Georges Vasseur
  • Gerald Eigen
  • Gérard Bonneaud
  • Hassan Jawahery
  • Ida Peruzzi
  • John Bartelt
  • Laura Zani
  • Marcello Piccolo
  • Michael Roney
  • Patricia Burchat
  • PRINCE belonga kako
  • Riccardo de Sangro
  • Roberto Calabrese
  • Steffen Luitz
  • Stewart Smith
  • William John Wisniewski
  • Wolfgang Gradl
  • Yury Kolomensky
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