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November 28, 2018
Hicks Building
GMT timezone

Contribution List

30 / 30
Chris Rogers (STFC)
11/28/18, 11:00 AM
Paolo Franchini (University of Warwick - MICE), Scott Wilbur (University of Sheffield)
11/28/18, 11:10 AM
Christopher Hunt (Imperial College), Melissa Uchida (Imperial College London), Paul Kyberd (Departm.of Physics(QMW-Coll.))
11/28/18, 11:30 AM
11/28/18, 12:00 PM
Mr Joe Langlands (University of Sheffield)
11/28/18, 12:20 PM
11/28/18, 12:50 PM
Scott Wilbur (University of Sheffield), Mr Viktor Pec (University of Sheffield)
11/28/18, 2:00 PM
Scott Wilbur (University of Sheffield)
11/28/18, 2:20 PM
Mr Gavriil Chatzitheodoridis
11/28/18, 2:40 PM
Dr Alan Young (University of Strathclyde), Durga Rajaram (IIT, Chicago), Viktor Pec (University of Sheffield)
11/28/18, 3:00 PM
11/28/18, 3:20 PM
Chris Rogers (STFC)
11/28/18, 4:00 PM
Mr Craig Brown (Brunel), Tanaz Angelina Mohayai (Illinois Institute of Technology)
11/28/18, 4:30 PM
Mr Paul Jurj
11/28/18, 5:00 PM
11/28/18, 5:30 PM
Christopher Hunt (Imperial College)
Melissa Uchida (Imperial College London)
Dr Paolo Franchini (University of Warwick - MICE)
Victoria Blackmore (Imperial College London)
Victoria Blackmore (Imperial College London)
Ajit Kurup, Mr Craig Brown (Brunel), Scott Wilbur (University of Sheffield)
Varrick Suezaki
John Nugent (University of Glasgow)
Durga Rajaram (IIT, Chicago), Scott Wilbur (University of Sheffield), Viktor Pec (University of Sheffield)
Chris Rogers (STFC), Melissa Uchida (Imperial College London)
Christopher Hunt (Imperial College)