14-16 May 2019
UPB, Research Center CAMPUS, 1-st floor, Conference room 1
Europe/Bucharest timezone

The Ninth Annual ALICE Tier-1/Tier-2 Workshop will take place at University Politehnica of Bucharest, Center for Advanced Research on New Materials, Products and Innovative Processes, in the capital of Romania, Bucharest.

The Romanian legend says that the city of  Bucharest was named after its founder Bucur, which literally means "Joy". The city was inhabited since 500 BC and today its population is 1.92 million. Bucharest is known for its wide, tree-lined boulevards, glorious Belle Époque buildings and a reputation for the high life, which in the 1900s earned its nickname of "Little Paris". Many landmarks, from Calea Victoriei  (1692) Bucharest's oldest and, arguably,  most charming street to Revolution Square, named after the Romanian revolution of December 1989, are worth visiting during your stay.

Rectorat building of Politechnica University of Bucharest (UPB)

UPB was founded in 1864 as the 'School of Bridges and Roads, Mines and Architecture' and is the oldest and most prestigious engineering university in Romania with 15 faculties providing engineering degrees. There are more than 25000 students at the university, ~17k undergraduates and  ~8.5k post-graduates.

In 2018, ALICE completed successfully the final year of LHC's Run2, finishing with an excellent Pb-Pb data taking period. The amount of RAW data collected throughout Run2 was 28 PB, 4 times more than in Run1. Subsequently, the resources used for processing and analysis were also many times greater than in Run1. The Grid was the only platform used to  successfully store, process and analyze the data for the ALICE physics programme. In the two shutdown years, the resources will be used for processing of the 2018 data and to prepare the central system and the sites for the ALICE upgrade, with data taking starting in 2021. This workshop will be dedicated to presentations and discussions of the new central services (jAliEn), the consolidation of storage resources and the requirements to the sites in the preparation for the next data taking period.

The workshop will continue the tradition of open information exchange between Grid site administrators, Grid software and networking experts.

Registration deadline: Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Workshop fee: 200, please refer to the "Payment of workshop fee" page.

Map of Bucharest with points of interest here

UPB, Research Center CAMPUS, 1-st floor, Conference room 1
Politehnica University of Bucharest, Bulevardul Iuliu Maniu 6, București 061344, Romania

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