13-16 August 2019
Kane Hall 225
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Cancel: [YSF] Electroweak Symmetric Dark Matter Balls

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Kane Hall 225

Young Scientist Forum Collider Search: Higgs and SUSY




We show that a simple Higgs-portal dark matter model can contain stable non-topological soliton states of dark matter. This macroscopic dark matter candidate has its interior in an electroweak symmetry unbroken vacuum. These dark matter balls can have its radius around the atomic scale and mass as large as $10^{34}$ GeV. We discuss the formation of these dark matter balls from the first-order electroweak phase transition in the early universe. We describe the existence of bound states of standard model particles inside the dark matter balls and its scattering off from normal matter such as heavy nuclei, quarks or even an electron. Such dark matter candidates can be searched in a wide range of experiments. We provide constraints from the WIMP-like direct detection and also from multi scatter events.

Primary authors

Yang Bai (University of Wisconsin, Madison) Eduardo Ponton Bithika Jain (ICTP-SAIFR, IFT-UNESP)

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