13-16 August 2019
University of Washington Seattle
US/Pacific timezone

The 6th  Dark Matter @ LHC 2019 workshop takes place from August 13th afternoon to 16th, 2019, and covers experimental and theoretical aspects of collider-based searches for dark matter. The goal of the workshop is to bring together the experimental and theory communities, to review the current status and discuss potential avenues into the future. 
Special focus will be given to the complementarity of the results. Questions that we would like to address include: What can the various Beyond the Standard Model searches at the LHC tell us about Dark Matter? What can we learn from the full palette of experimental results from collider and non-collider experiments? How can the searches for Dark Matter evolve in the upcoming years, in the view of the expected experimental upgrades?

Previous editions:



University of Washington Seattle
PAA A118
International Organization Committee

David Berge (DESY)
Tulika Bose (UW-Madison)
Roni Harnik (FNAL)
JoAnne Hewett (SLAC)
Valentin Khoze (Durham)
Rocky Kolb (Chicago)

Tongyan Lin (UCSD)
Klaus Moenig (DESY)
Geraldine Servant (DESY)
Tim Tait (Irvine)
Steve Worm (Birmingham)

Local Organization Committee

Shih-Chieh Hsu (UW, USA) - Chair
Anna Goussiou (UW, USA)
Ann Nelson (UW, USA)

Gordon Watts (UW, USA)
Henry Lubatti (UW, USA)
Samuel Meehan (CERN)

Application for this event is currently open.
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