Observation of coherent terahertz Smith-Purcell and grating transition radiation from a metasurface

Sep 16, 2019, 12:00 PM
Oral Diffraction radiation and Smith-Purcell radiation General Properties of Radiation from Relativistic Particles


Daria Sergeeva (National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (RU))


We report the results of experimental and theoretical studies of coherent terahertz radiation generated by a short electron bunch from a metasurface. The metasurface is an array of sub-wavelength copper spherical-like elements placed on a monocrystalline sapphire substrate. The target has two periodicities, along and perpendicular to the electrons trajectory. Experiment was carried out using 8 MeV electron beam of KEK LUCX facility. The target was installed into 5D in-vaccuum manipulator so it could be positioned and inclined with respect to the electron beam. Because of that, several types of radiation and its properties were confirmed: Smith-Purcell radiation, Transition radiation, Grating transition radiation, Cherenkov radiation inside a substrate. The main characteristics of the radiation like spectrum, spectral-angular distribution, characteristic angle of emitted radiation, and dispersion relation were calculated. The experimental and theoretical results are compared, and good agreement is demonstrated.

Primary authors

Daria Sergeeva (National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (RU)) Alexander Aryshev (KEK) Alexey Tishchenko (National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (RU)) junji urakawa (kek) Nobuhiro Terunuma

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