Sep 14 – 19, 2019
Kőszeg, Hungary
Europe/Athens timezone

Travel and Visa


EU Nationals do not need a visa to enter Hungary, but a valid ID card or passport is required.

Non-EU nationals in general require a visa for stays in Hungary. A visa is not required for semi-annual visits of up to three months for nationals of those countries for which the European Community has abolished the visa requirement. Nationals of countries which do not have a visa-waiver agreement with the European Community must obtain a visa.

To obtain the invitation letter please send this information :

  • your full name,
  • name and adress of your institute,
  • tel/fax, email,
  • title of your talk,
  • the name of consulate where you are going to get visa,
  • the dates of your arrival and departure,

to Prof. Larissa Bravina


AIR:  The closest airports are Vienna (Schwechat), Graz and Budapest


Vienna - Koszeg

By car:
Vienna - Schwechat Airport (VIE) to Koszeg: 130 km, 1 h 50 min:
(Freeways are toll roads.)
Take freeway A4 towards Wien
Take freeway S1 towards Graz/Linz, until A2 at Wien South
Take A2 towards Graz, South, until A3 at Guntramsdorf
Take A3 towards Eisenstadt, South, until S31 at Eisenstadt
Take S31 towards Oberpullendorf, South, until B61a
Take road B61a towards Rattersdorf, South, until Rattersdorf
When you reach Rattersdorf the Hungarian border is on your left
Cross the border and take road 87, to Koszeg (~ 3 km).

By taxi:
Vienna - Schwechat Airport (VIE) to Koszeg, 120 km 1h 40 min :
Order it via: Teddy Travel Ltd. Szombathely:  +36 20 554 2400    &
Fares are from ~ 80 to 28 Euro/person one way in case of
1 to 8 passengers respectively.

By bus:
Wien Busbahnhof Wiedner Gürtel - Rattersdorf-Bahnhofstrasse -> Koszeg:
Wien Hbf (Busbahnhof Wiedner Gürtel) ab 13:15 -> 15:43 (2h 28min) Bus 7941
Wien Hbf (Busbahnhof Wiedner Gürtel) ab 15:40 -> 17:38 (1h 58min) Bus 7941
Wien Hbf (Busbahnhof Wiedner Gürtel) ab 16:15 -> 18:08 (1h 53min) Bus 7941
Wien Hbf (Busbahnhof Wiedner Gürtel) ab 17:00 -> 18:48 (1h 48min) Bus 7941
Else see:
Bus fare is about 22 - 25 Euro one way.          
There are a few direct buses per day and several with transfer(s).
Rattersdorf-Bahnhofstrasse is about four km from Koszeg centrum,
you may call the organizers after arrival and they might be able to
pick you up in about 10 minutes, or call the local taxi at Koszeg:
Taxi-Koszeg:  +36 30 937 7336


Graz - Koszeg

By car:
Graz Airport to Koszeg,  125 km  1 h 30 min:
(Freeways are toll roads.)
Take B67 towards A2
Take freeway A2 towards Graz-Ost, Wien until exit 111
Take B50 to East until Oberwart, crossing B63a
Take B63a to South-East and continue on B63 until B56 near Schachendorf
Take B56 to North 3 km until Reichnitz  until L242 towards the border
Take L242 to East, and cross the border at Bozsok.
After Bozsok follow on small roads towards NortEast to:
Koszegszerdahely (3km), and to Koszeg (6km).

Budapest - Koszeg

By car:
Budapest - Ferihegy Airport (BUD) to Koszeg: 270 km, 2 h 40 min
(Freeways are tollroads.)
Take freeway M4 short, towards Szolnok, Southeast until M0
Take M0 short West until M1
Take M1 towards Gyor, West, until Gyor-Abda, M85
Take M85 towards Csorna, West, until Csorna, M86
Take M86 towards Szombathely, Southwest, until Szombathely, 87
Take road 87 towards Koszeg, Northwest, until Koszeg

By Train:
Budapest - Keleti P.U. (Railway station) to Koszeg:
There are direct trains to Szombathey every hour.
At Szombathely you should change to a local train to Koszeg.
If you miss the local train there is a bus to Koszeg. If you exit
through the main Exit of the Railway stationon, the bus stop
is on the right side, ~ 50m.


Bergen - Vienna

Bergen (BGO) > Vienna (VIE) Fri, 13 Sep 2019
Direct, operated by Wizz Air Hungary
18:25   ---> 2h 35m ---> 21:00

Vienna (VIE) > Bergen (BGO) Fri, 20 Sep 2019
Direct, operated by Wizz Air Hungary
15:10  --->  2h 40m  ---> 17:50