Dec 2 – 6, 2019
Centro Cultural, Universidad del Atlántico
America/Bogota timezone

This is the fourth Colombian Meeting on High Energy Physics (4th ComHEP).  We hope to bring together young and senior particle physicists from Colombia and abroad, to discuss recent progress in particle physics, cosmology and related areas. The program of the meeting will address a broad range of topics, such as:

  • Standard Model and beyond
  • Neutrino physics 
  • Hadron and flavor physics
  • Dark matter
  • Cosmology
  • Cosmic rays
  • Future experiments

The fourth edition of this meeting will be held from December 2 to 6, 2019, at the Universidad del Atlántico, Barranquilla, Colombia.

Financial support will be available to a limited number of students presenting a parallel talk or a poster. See the Registration Section for details.

There is no registration fee for this meeting.

Invited Talks

  • John Ellis (King's College London) - Beyond the Standard Model
  • Rogério Rosenfeld (IFT-UNESP, ICTP-SAIFR, Brazil) - Cosmology
  • Riccardo Sturani (International Institute of Physics, IIP, Brazil) - Gravitational Waves
  • Andreas Albert (Boston University, USA) - Dark Matter at LHC
  • Antonio Cárcamo (Universidad Federico Santa María, Chile) - Models of neutrino masses and lepton hierarchies
  • Roberto Lineros (Universidad Católica del Norte, Chile) - Dark matter
  • Wolfgang Bietenholz (ICN-UNAM, Mexico) - Lattice QCD
  • David Martínez (South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, USA) - Reactor neutrinos

Scientific Organizing Committee 

  • Alexander Moreno (Universidad Antonio Nariño - Ibagué)
  • Bobby Acharya (King's College London, UK- International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Italy)
  • Bruno El-Bennich (Universidade Cruzeiro do Sul, Brazil)
  • Carlos Andres Flórez Bustos (Universidad de los Andes)
  • Carlos Ávila Bernal (Universidad de los Andes)
  • Carlos Sandoval (Universidad Antonio Nariño)
  • Diego Milanés (Universidad Nacional)
  • Eduardo Rojas (Universidad de Nariño)
  • Gabriela Alejandra Navarro (Universidad Antonio Nariño)
  • Jairo Alexis Rodríguez López (Universidad Nacional)
  • José David Ruíz (Universidad de Antioquia)
  • Mario A. Acero Ortega (Universidad del Atlantico)
  • Nicolás Bernal (Universidad Antonio Nariño)
  • Oscar Alberto Zapata Noreña (Universidad de Antioquia)
  • Richard Benavides (Instituto Tecnológico Metropolitano)

Supporting Institutions



Centro Cultural, Universidad del Atlántico
Teatrino 1
Universidad del Atlántico Carrera 30 No. 8-49 Puerto Colombia, Atlántico

Social Diner

We will enjoy a special evening at one of the most iconic restaurants in Barranquilla, thanks to its role on the local and national cultural history: Restaurante La Cueva.

In addition to the specially selected menu, the evening will be enlivened by a delightful live music group. A short video about the history of the restaurant and the life around it will be shown on a separate room for those interested.

The diner will include: a cup of wine, shrimp cocktail, the main dish (fish, rice and veggies), a soft drink and a dessert. The cost of this is COP$85.000 (US$25.00), to be paid in cash when registering.