4-6 September 2019
CNA Seville
Europe/Madrid timezone


Image credit CNA

National Center of Accelerators, CNA, is a joint center of the University of Seville, Junta de Andalucía and CSIC. It is a Unique Scientific-Technical Facility, ICTS, dedicated to interdisciplinary research and therefore open to external users.

To do this, 6 different installations are used: a Van de Graaff 3 MV Tandem accelerator, a 18/9 MeV Cyclotron accelerator, an Accelerator 1MV Mass Spectrometer, a PET / CT scanner, a new radiocarbon dating system called MiCaDaS, and a 60Co Irradiator.

The application of these 6 infrastructures covers fields as diverse as material sciences, environmental impact, nuclear and particle physics, nuclear instrumentation, medical imaging, biomedical research and preclinical molecular imaging or dating, medical imaging in patients,14C and irradiation in samples of technological and biological interest, among others.

The CNA, is located at:
Avenida Thomas Alva Edison n º 7
Parque Tecnológico Cartuja '93
E‐41092 Seville – Spain
Contact information: Phone: (+34) 954460553 // Fax: (+34) 954460145

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