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Future Projects Workshop

Other Institutes

Other Institutes

1039 Regional Road 24 Creighton Mine #9 Lively, ON, Canada
Erica Caden (SNOLAB), Ken Clark (SNOLAB), Silvia Scorza (SNOLAB)

SNOLAB is hosting its bi-annual Future Projects Workshop to address scientific research related to the underground campus at 2070m in the Creighton mine. 

As part of its medium term planning process, SNOLAB is undertaking a scoping review of  potential future small- and medium-scale experiments and detector technology R&D efforts within the astroparticle physics community.

With the goal of creating a stronger network and sharing expertise, experimental collaborations within the neutrino and dark matter physics community are invited to present their capabilities, status, R&D program and plans. Special attention will be given to collaborations having an interest in using any space underground at SNOLAB over the next five to ten years.

The conference will open on Monday, July 15 and close on Tuesday July 16, 2019, with a dinner on Monday night. A satellite workshop on Low-Background techniques for Dark Matter and Neutrino Physics will be organized on Wednesday, July 17, 2019.

Tours of the underground science areas of the SNOLAB facility will be available as part of the workshop on Wednesday morning, July 17.

  • Aksel Hallin
  • Alexis Brossard
  • Allan Barr
  • Alvaro Chavarria
  • Andrea Pocar
  • Blaire Flynn
  • Brian Fujikawa
  • Bruce Cleveland
  • Chris Jillings
  • Chris Thome
  • Christine Kraus
  • Christopher Grant
  • Cindy Lin
  • Colin Moore
  • Darryl Masson
  • Dimpal Chauhan
  • Dongming Mei
  • Erica Caden
  • Guillaume Giroux
  • Ian Lawson
  • Irshad Rajput
  • Jake Pirkkanen
  • Jenna Saffin
  • Jeter Hall
  • John Hick
  • Joseph Street
  • Ken Clark
  • Kerry Loken
  • Maria Laura di Vacri
  • Markus Bertels
  • Matt Pyle
  • Michael Crisler
  • Nigel Smith
  • Oleg Chkvorets
  • Peter Liimatainen
  • Pierre Gorel
  • Priscilla Cushman
  • Rahaf Ajaj
  • Richard Ford
  • Roxanne Guenette
  • Samantha Kuula
  • Sean Daugherty
  • Silvia Scorza
  • Steve Elliott
  • Steven Back
  • Thomas Merritt
  • Tom Sonley
  • Tony Noble
  • Tristan Hillier
  • Ziqing Hong
Organizing Committee