USAG meeting - Theme: From ROLLOUT to GGUS

28/R-014 (CERN)



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This group is, in EGEE III, the successor of the EGEE II Executive Support Committe (ESC).

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Lets try to use EVO this time. Connection data:

Title: USAG Meeting 2010-01-21
Description: USAG Meeting 2010-01-21 on ROLLOUT traffic in GGUS
Community: Universe
Password: usag20100121
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- Password: usag20100121
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ID: 1547847
Password: 8862

Audioconf defined as a backup solution. We should all use the same tool!

User Support Advisory Group (USAG) meeting
Dial-in numbers: +41227676000 (English, Main)
Access codes: 0175932 (Leader)
0185905 (Participant)
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  1. ITROC request for discussion ("Text" file appended). (As Tiziana had to leave).
  2. Agenda approval
  3. Comments on the notes from the December 10th USAG meeting [linked from here].
  4. Continuous user support assessment as required by MSA-1.6 via the weekly escalation reports Please follow the URL in advance and report on issues arising in the meeting.
  5. New GGUS development: savannah #111183 encourage ROLLOUT list users to use GGUS by opening a ticket on their behalf.
  6. Ticket solution times pledged/expected: savannah #112031 When selecting a GGUS ticket priority how soon can one expect the solution? Discussion.
  7. Review Action List published right after the last meeting linked from here.
  8. A.O.B.
    1. Status of the GGUS fail-safe system development. savannah #101122
    2. Final version of the Strategy note (v.1.0) Final? presented at the SA1 Coordination meeting of 2009-12-15. Can it be Released?
    3. Any comments from / experience with new GGUS feature in operation since 2009-12-09: savannah #108708 site-ROC association on the ticket submission form.
  9. Next meeting date: NB!! PENULTIMATE MEETING! Various dates in March 2010. Meeting moved to 4pm CET for the american partners. Please use this doodle page to choose!!
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