USAG meeting - Theme: Plan for a GGUS fail-safe system and important workflow changes

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User Support Advisory Group (USAG) meeting This group is, in EGEE III, the successor of the EGEE II Executive Support Committe (ESC).

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  1. Agenda approval
  2. Comments on the notes from the October 29th USAG meeting [linked from here].
  3. Status of the GGUS fail-safe system development. savannah #101122
  4. EGEE reviewers and some projects (ETICS, EMI) require a workflow change: tickets due to bugs should remain "On Hold" rather than "Unsolved". Discussion.
  5. Continuous user support assessment as required by MSA-1.6 via the weekly escalation reports Please follow the URL in advance and report on issues arising in the meeting.
  6. New TPM shift tables: Italy, Germany (with help from IberGrid). News from the Dec 1st SA1 Coord. Meeting
  7. Are there more comments on the User Support Strategy note? . See input document from SA3 emailed to the the usag e-group on Nov. 5th!
  8. New GGUS development: savannah #108708 site-ROC association on the ticket submission form.
  9. Review Action List Point 8 in the minutes linked from here.
  10. A.O.B.
    1. Final version of the New TPM model document now Released
  11. Next meeting date: Thursday 21 January 2010 @ 9:30 CET (Algorithm: last Thursday of the month!)
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