April 29, 2019
Department of Physics, University of Liverpool
Europe/London timezone

Nuclear reactions induced by exotic nuclei allow the exploration of nuclear structure at its extremes, the dynamics of stellar evolution and the limits of nuclear existence. Reaccelerated radioactive beams are currently available with energies up to around ~ 10 MeV/u from ISOL ion sources, where the beam is produced by the bombardment of thick targets by a primary particle accelerator.

High-resolution recoil separators are used to identify the reaction products, separating the primary beam from the products of interest. The singular properties of ISOL beams and the variety of physics programs impose specific design requirements.

This meeting will provide an opportunity to reinforce present collaborations and research activities across interdisciplinary lines, and to coordinate synergies and efforts for the development of a new instrument for HIE-ISOLDE.

Department of Physics, University of Liverpool
Room 337
The Oliver Lodge Laboratory Liverpool L69 7ZE, United Kingdom
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