The first meeting of "Exploration of Particle Physics and Cosmology with Neutrinos Workshop2019" will be held at Hill Hotel Iga from 12th Jun to 14th Jun.  Meeting will be start afternoon of 12th and ending 14th afternoon. The tentative agenda can be seen in Timetable (Be carefull it is tentative).The banquet is 12th night at the place and poster session is 13th afternoon-evening.

The registration fee will cover accomodation and foods .

The fee is sum of following cost block where you have put check marks at the registarion.

The breakfast is included to the hotel free of previous night.  

  hotel 12th banquet 12th lunch 13th hotel 13th supper 13th

lunch 14th

staff 6000 6500 1000 6000 5000 1000
posdoc 5000 6000 1000 5000 4500 1000
student 4000 5000 1000 4000 3500 1000