June 10, 2019
Universität Hamburg
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Call for participation to implement a MARC flavor model into INVENIO 3

Jun 10, 2019, 10:15 AM
ESA-E-121 (Universität Hamburg)


Universität Hamburg

Hauptgebäude / Main building Edmund-Siemers-Allee 1 20146 Hamburg


Mr Martin Koehler (DESY)


Currently, JOIN2 uses INVENIO 1.1.7 as base software. JOIN2 is implemented at eight instances and is in use

  • as a repository
  • as an integrated library system (ILS)
  • as a current research information system (CRIS)
  • as Article Processing Charges (APC) handling system
  • and for Campus literature management (private collection)

INVENIO 1.x was preferred over the other systems on the market thanks to its flexibility and general (internal) standardized data model which enables JOIN2 to tackle its broad scope of needs and allows the required easy extensibility. In particular, the huge potential of the implementation of Authority control unearthed entirely new use cases without any major rewrite.
Among the principal characteristics that led to the selection INVENIO 1.x over its competitors: A library system does not allow users to store their private data. CRIS systems are usually not usable as a repository. APC management is not really implemented in either of these.

Given the library background of the JOIN2 members, the MARC-21 data model of INVENIO 1, even with its imperfections, marked a key point in the system selection.

Using the MARC-21 standard as internal format is in our opinion a good basis for our transition to INVENIO 3 and provides a good link between the different functionalities and use cases:

Using MARC-21-Authority based records allows JOIN2 to identify people, grants, experiments, facilities, affiliations and funding information using interchangeable, shared records. Additionally, a shared set of journal records was derived and is maintained. This set profits from the MARC-21 format, which allows reuse and enrichment of data obtained from other library systems using common MARC-21 and RDA concepts. The resulting data can be reused even outside of JOIN2. Adding MARC-21 Holdings enabled JOIN2 to almost seamlessly integrate the library catalogues at DESY and GSI and all functionalities required to handle Article Processing Charges (APCs), a rapidly growing part of our services.
Given the broad scope of research in the JOIN2 instances, JOIN2 profits a lot from bibliographic expertise at the libraries. The knowledge how to model things appropriately can almost immediately be transferred from the librarian to our internal structure using the same language on both ends: MARC-21 and RDA.

To this end JOIN2 proposes the implementation of an INVENIO flavor with a MARC-21 data model as "first class citizen". This would form the base for the new JOIN2 flavor of INVENIO 3.

As formal procedure we suggest to set up an agreement with all interested parties and CERN, from which stems the INVENIO 3 technology.
Besides the obvious content such as title and description of the project, such an agreement needs to specify the deliverables, work packages and milestones with a schedule, together with a description of the organization including roles and responsibilities of all parties involved.

We believe that the unique combination of repository, ILS, CRIS, APC handling and campus literature management targets academic/research institutions and thus has a large market potential. It enables their libraries to run and maintain this crucial infrastructure, hugely benefiting from the synergies we already rely on at JOIN2 today. The field of application is not restricted to research institutes and libraries: the INVENIO MARC-21 flavor and later the JOIN2 flavor of INVENIO 3 will be useful for governmental organizations and companies, too.

We want to contribute to the to-be-defined work packages of this MARC 21 INVENIO 3 flavor.

Please contact us at library@desy.de, if you are interested in joining our efforts to establish first an INVENIO 3 MARC 21 flavor and later a full INVENIO 3 JOIN2 flavor.

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