EM-U #83: From theoretical physics at CERN to the unpredictable lifestyle of a startup founder

IdeaSquare (CERN)



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When Sophia's contract at CERN ended in 2018, she had a choice. To apply for jobs, or to take the leap and start her own company. She chose the latter. 

Before leaving CERN, Sophia used to be an active participant to the Entrepreneurship Meet-Ups. Now she returns in the capacity as a speaker, and at EM-U #83, Sophia talks about what made her take the leap into the unpredictable lifestyle of a startup founder. We will hear what she has learned from the experience, and about how one of the first things she did after creating a company was to pivot, throw away her idea and start from scratch. 

Caressoma AG, co-founded by Sophia is creating a medical diagnosis device specifically made for any injuries or diseases related to muscles, tendons, ligaments and other soft tissue. 

Sophia Borowka holds a Ph.D. in physics from the Technical University Munich. She has 7 years of research experience in the field of theoretical particle physics, with prestigious fellowships at Max-Planck Institute for Physics in Munich, University of Zurich and the internationally renowned research center CERN in Geneva. She is the originator of a new line of research and published 30 research papers, among them 3 very well known and one renowned publication. Out of what she calls her own "stubbornness" she quit the research field in favor of a job with more impact on society. 

...and of course, afterwards, we will go to Restaurant 1 of CERN to enjoy a round of refreshments and good conversations.

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