CERN wifi and internet access

Register your laptop for wifi and internet access
If you have a CERN account you will probably already have registered your device. If you do not have a CERN account to access the Internet connection from your laptop you must register with CERN, see instructions below. Please you register your laptop in advance, before you arrive at CERN.

The TH department, CERN hostels and main buildings are also covered by EDUROAM network


  1. Follow the link to the network connection request form:
  2. Enter your data and the hardware address and card type of your device. You can register both wireless and ethernet hardware addresses of the same machine at the same time, but please register different devices separately
  3. Enter your arrival and departure dates and the reason of your visit
  4. As contact person select 'Gianolio, Elena'

Please note:
You can register as many devices as you need in this way, please complete one registration form for each device. Once at CERN, if you did not register your device earlier or if something went wrong, just open a web browser and follow the instructions that will appear.

Other computing issues:
Please read the CERN Computing rules and regulations here

Fixed terminal computer access: Unfortunately, due to computer security protocols at CERN, it will not be possible to provide an account to log in by using the fixed computer terminals on site. The only way to access the internet is by using your own laptops (see above). Laptop registration will be granted only to registered participants.

For any computer problem, please contact Elena Gianolio (Bldg. 4-2.014, tel. +41227674751 or +41754110579). email: - include in the subject line ‘MCnet Network Meeting