October 9, 2019
Europe/Zurich timezone

WiFI connection

Wi-Fi access

Wireless is available throughout CERN's premises by connecting your device to the "CERN-Visitors" Wi-Fi network. You should be redirected to the “CERN Visitor Wi-Fi” registration portal. If not (as this is device dependant), open a web browser and you will see the registration portal.

Eduroam connection

If you are an eduroam user, simply connect to the “eduroam” Wi-Fi network. Please see “Is eduroam available at CERN” for more details

Full Internet access

For registering your laptop/mobile phone for full internet access at CERN, please fill in a request here: http://cern.ch/registerVisitorComputer - and use Markus Nordberg as the CERN contact person (on the last page of the request form).