October 9, 2019
Europe/Zurich timezone

Participant List

34 participants

First Name Last Name Affiliation
Alan Hughes Founders
Andrew Lefever Founders
Charlotte Turner Founders
Christopher Draycott
david cogan "founders"
David Kennedy Founders
denise kelly The Founders Company
EMMA Griffiths Founders
Felicity Turnbull Founders
George Brock Founders
Hannah Simmonds Founders
James Kahn
Jeffrey Kelly Founders
john kelly The Founders company
Joseph Kelly Founders
Kay (Katharine on passport) Brock Founders
Lesley Beadles Founders
matthew farrant Founders
Michael Swan Founders
Monica Draycott
Ottilie Sefton Founders
Pamela Kelly Founders
Paul Withey Founders Company
Richard Griffiths Founders
Roger Cashmore University of Oxford (GB)
Ruth Withey Founders Company
Simon Oliver Founders
Siobhan Clifford
Steven Weston Founders
Thomas Sobel Founders
Vanessa Farrant Founders
William Beadles Founders
William Mathias Founders