27-29 January 2020
Europe/Zurich timezone

Backup and DR with Large Datasets

27 Jan 2020, 16:15
Lightning talk CS3 Community Site Reports Site reports


Mr Fergus Kerins


SWITCHdrive is the File and Sync Solution from SWITCH. We are running on our
internal SWITCHengines (Openstack) IaaS with CEPH storage. With the success of the
service we are managing a relative large dataset.

We currently use CEPH rbd snapshots for backup, but with the growth of our service and
growing Customer demands for disaster recovery and regulatory requirements we are looking at
options to provide offsite backups

Due to our current setup of multiple NFS drive we are currently evaluating solutions for
an offsite Disaster Recovery solution and backup.

This talk we will look at using backy2 a deduplicating block based backup to backup rbd
volumes to S3 object storage. We will also look at other options and compare our results.

We would also like to reach out to the community to share experience and hear how other
people are solving this issue.

Primary author

Mr Fergus Kerins

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