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5-7 December 2019
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Vidyo Connection procedure

Please find below the connection procedure for joining a Vidyo meeting:


- By PC:

- First install VidyoClient (VidyoDesktop) on the PC by connecting to (it will take around 2 minutes)

- Once it is installed, click on the AutoJoin URL .

- Then enter a random Guest Name and click on Join button.


- By Phone:

For users connecting via phone, instructions here:

- Call one of the Vidyo Phone bridges (mentioned in the instructions), enter the Room Extension followed by the "#" key


- By H323 system:

For users connecting via H323, instructions here :

- Call one of these Vidyo gateways:

- (or IP address: ) or

- (or IP address: )

- Once the connection is established with the gateway, dial in (in DTMF mode ) the Room Extension followed by the "#" key.

NOTE: To know how to send DTMF tones on your H323/SIP endpoint please refer to its user's manual.”


For Linux users:


More information on Vidyo: