Postgres@CERN - PostgreSQL Meetup at CERN - January 17th

503/1-001 - Council Chamber (CERN)

503/1-001 - Council Chamber


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January 17th, 2020 afternoon (14:00-19:00)
PostgreSQL Meetup at CERN (Geneva)

 Registration is now closed. CERN employees can still come without register. webcast will be live and doesn't require registration.

Hosted by CERN

Organized by:
Laetitia Avrot & Franck Pachot 

Sponsored by
EnterpriseDB & dbi services

 Enterprise DB, dbi services

Speakers - Talks:

  • Pavlo Golub - Professional PostgreSQL scheduling made easy
  • Anastasia Lubennikova - Advanced PostgreSQL Backup and Recovery methods
  • Gülçin Yıldırım - Evolution of Fault Tolerance in PostgreSQL
  • Oleg Bartunov - All You Need Is Postgres !
  • Vik Fearing - Advent of Code Using PostgreSQL
  • Romuald Thion - PostgreSQL at the university : some lessons learned

Location: Building 503 Room 1-001 (conference room B known as Council Chamber). Access to CERN: Tram 18 from Geneva Cointrin train station, Bus 10 + Tram 18 from Geneva Airport. Car park near CERN Globe.

From CERN reception, downstairs behind the tripod turnstile, follow "Auditorium" signs in the corridors, and when in the auditorium hall, we are in conference room B


Please, note that

There is a live webcast for this event
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      Welcome and Opening
      Speakers: Laetitia Avrot, Franck Pachot
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      Gülçin Yıldırım - Evolution of Fault Tolerance in PostgreSQL

      PostgreSQL is an awesome project and it evolves at an amazing rate. The talk will focus on the evolution of fault tolerance capabilities in PostgreSQL throughout its versions.

      The talk will cover the topics listed below:
      • Robustness of PostgreSQL
      • PostgreSQL Fault Tolerance: WAL
      • Transaction? Commit? Checkpoint?
      • Replication Methods for PostgreSQL
      • Physical Replication
      • Standby Modes
      • Streaming Replication and WAL
      • Failover and Switchover
      • Synchronous Commit
      • Managing Timeline Issues: pg_rewind
      • Trigger-based Replication
      • Logical Decoding

      There are several ways of how to look at fault tolerance. In this sense, PostgreSQL provides different means of achieving fault tolerance and dependability either out of the box solutions or using extensions depending on what are the user’s priorities about their system. General fault tolerance in PostgreSQL is improving over time and I expect this trend to continue.

      Gülçin studied Applied Mathematics in Yildiz Technical University in Istanbul and completed her Master's at Tallinn Technical University in Estonia. She started working with Postgres at a startup company in 2012 and was amazed how good Postgres really is! After being involved in organizing PostgreSQL conferences, giving talks and being an active community member she has been elected to PostgreSQL Europe Board in 2017 until 2019. Gülçin is interested in PostgreSQL Automation and Cloud Technologies. She resurrected the Prague PostgreSQL Meetup group and has been organizing a meetup with two talks each month as the main organizer. She is also part of Postgres Women and cares about diversity and representation of women in technical communities. She is currently on maternity leave and getting inspired by the evolution of human beings :)

      Speaker: Gülçin Yıldırım
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      Pavlo Golub - Professional PostgreSQL scheduling made easy

      The talk firstly introduces all appropriate levels of
      database scheduling and then focuses on PostgreSQL and the means it
      provides. The talk explains the meaning and importance of key
      approaches. Postgres community has already developed several tools in
      that area. Some popular common options will be highlighted together
      with the problems that different scheduling approaches have. To
      overcome some of these problems a new Open Source tool from Cybertec,
      called pg_timetable, is introduced and explained in detail. It offers
      the simplest possibly entry into exhaustive Postgres scheduling
      combined with system tasks (cron on steroids). Also discussed will be
      advanced topics like transaction support and cross-platform tasks.

      Pavlo Golub is a PostgreSQL expert and developer at Cybertec. Pavlo is working with PG for 17 years.

      Speaker: Pavlo Golub
    • 4:00 PM
      Coffee & Tea
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      Anastasia Lubennikova - Advanced PostgreSQL Backup and Recovery methods

      As database size and complexity grow, DBAs may face the fact that the functionality offered by built-in tools
      such as pg_dump and pg_basebackup is insufficient, and more flexibility is required to create reliable backups
      and manage them.
      This talk cover various advanced topics in the area of backups:
      - incremental backups;
      - archive management;
      - backup validation;
      - retention policies;
      Based on these features, we'll compare various backup/recovery solutions for PostgreSQL.
      This information will help you to choose the most appropriate tool for your system.

      Anastasia Lubennikova received her B.S. degree in Applied Mathematics and Information Science from NRNU MEPhI.
      She has 5 years of experience as a system software developer and speaker. She also worked as a teacher and project manager in a database systems domain.

      As a PostgreSQL contributor, Anastasia focuses on optimizing indexing, storage, and backup solutions. She enjoys working with both open source community and enterprise projects, as they provide different perspectives on the same product. Contributing to open source allows to improve the system used by millions of users and collaborate with the best professionals in the field all around the world. While working on software custom development and tech support provides constant challenges, not only technical ones and connects the art of system development with real business needs.

      Speaker: Anastasia Lubennikova
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      Vik Fearing - Advent of Code Using PostgreSQL

      SQL is a rich language and can do more than you think. The short talk will show some techniques I learned by trying to solve general-purpose programming challenges using just a single query.

      Speaker: Vik Fearing
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      Romuald Thion - PostgreSQL at the university : some lessons learned

      The computer science department of Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 (France) has progressively introduced PostgreSQL in its courses since 2018.
      Now, more than 400 students enrolled from second to fifth year use PostgreSQL in databases, web, security or system administration courses.
      In this talk, we will briefly showcase our platform and give feedback on some common pitfalls students and teachers fall into.
      From our experience, we will propose some directions to promote PostgreSQL to students and teachers.

      Speaker: Romuald Thion
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      Oleg Bartunov - All You Need Is Postgres !

      Closing keynote

      Speaker: Oleg Bartunov
    • 6:20 PM
      Drinks & Food