Feb 12 – 14, 2007
Europe/Zurich timezone

Laser spectroscopy of radioactive copper isotopes

Feb 12, 2007, 5:55 PM
Council Chamber, 503/1-001 (CERN)

Council Chamber, 503/1-001



Dr Kieran Flanagan (KU-University of Leuven)


The evolution of nuclear structure with neutron excess in the copper isotope chain is currently under investigation by the COLLAPS collaboration. This experiment uses high-resolution laser spectroscopy, which unambiguously measures the nuclear spin and provides model-independent measurements of nuclear moments. It is therefore an ideal tool to study the nuclear structure. In the isotopes 69,71,73Cu, strong evidence of a migration of the pi f5/2 level with increasing neutron number was observed in beta-decay studies of 68-74Ni [1,2]. It is predicted that the pi p3/2 ground state will be replaced by the pi f5/2 level at N=46. Two-neutron separation energies from ISOLTRAP mass measurements, show a signature for the onset of deformation in this same region of the copper chain [3]. This project aims to chart the onset of deformation and to confirm a pi f5/2 ground-state configuration at N=46. It also aims to measure the spin/parity of 72Cu, and thus resolve the inconsistency between recent results from in-source spectroscopy and beta-decay studies [4,5]. An initial on-line run was carried out in September 2006. The hyperfine structures of 64,66,67,68g,68m,69,70gCu were resolved and the magnetic dipole and electric quadrupole moments, nuclear spins and isotope shifts subsequently extracted. These results and future prospects for this project in 2007 will be presented and discussed. [1] S. Franchoo et al., Phys. Rev. C 64, 054308 (2001). [2] J. Van Roosbroeck et al., Phys. Rev. C 71, 054307 (2005). [3] C. Guenaut et al., submitted to Phys. Rev. C. [4] J.-C. Thomas et al., Phys. Rev. C 74, 054309 (2006). [5] U. Koster, Private Communication, 2005.

Primary author

Dr Kieran Flanagan (KU-University of Leuven)


Dr Bradley Cheal (University of Manchester) Dr Christopher Geppert (GSI) Dr David Forest (University of Birmingham) Mr Deyan Yordanov (KU-University of Leuven) Dr Garry Tungate (University of Birmingham) Prof. Gerda Neyens (KU-University of Leuven) Dr Jon Billowes (University of Manchester) Dr Klaus Blaum (University of Mainz) Dr Magdalena Kowalska (University of Mainz) Dr Paul Campbell (University of Manchester) Prof. Peter Lievens (KU-University of Leuven) Prof. Rainer Neugart (University of Mainz) Dr Wilfried Nörtershäuser (University of Mainz)

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