May 24 – 29, 2020 Postponed
America/Vancouver timezone

Scientific Program

  • Sensors

    Includes: Calorimetry, Photon Detectors, Photonics, Semiconductor Detectors, Gaseous Detectors, Quantum Sensing, Novel Technologies

  • Sensors: Solid-state position sensors

  • Sensors: Solid-state calorimeters

  • Sensors: Noble liquid detectors

  • Sensors: Gaseous Detectors

  • Sensors: Light-based detectors

  • Sensors: Photo-detectors

  • Sensors: Emerging Technology

  • Readout and Processing

    Includes: Front-end Electronic, Trigger Systems, Data Acquisition Systems, Embedded Software

  • Readout: Front-end electronics

  • Readout: Trigger and DAQ

  • Readout: Data Transfer Links and Networks

  • Experiments

    This track covers: Multi-system Detectors (e.g. for colliders), Astrophysics and Space Instrumentation, Detectors for Neutrino Physics, Dark Matter Detectors, Precision Engineering

  • Experiments: Calorimeters

  • Experiments: Trackers

  • Experiments: High energy physics

  • Experiments: Neutrino

  • Experiments: Dark Matter Detectors

  • Experiments: Precision techniques at low energy

  • Experiments: Space and particle astrophysics

  • Technology Transfer

    Including: Industry Liaisons, Health and Healthcare Applications, Biology and Life Sciences Applications, Material Science Applications