Jan 13 – 17, 2020
Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics
Asia/Kolkata timezone


Review Speakers include:

Sandipan Kundu (Johns Hopkins Univ, Baltimore, USA) : Causality Constraints in Quantum Field Theory
Alok Laddha (CMI, Chennai): Positive Geometries, Scattering forms and CHY formula
Diptarka Das (IIT, Kanpur): Eigenstate Thermalization Hypothesis & Conformal Field Theory
Loganayagam (ICTS): Out of Time-Order Correlators 
Shamik Banerjee (IOP, Bhubaneswar): Amplitudes in Gravity

Technical Talk Speakers include:

Pinaki Banerjee (IIT, Kanpur): Scattering Amplitude from Associahedron
Ashoke Sen (HRI, Allahabad): TBA
Justin David (IISc, Bangalore): Chaos Bound and Unitarity
Suvrat Raju (ICTS): Canonical Gravity & Holography


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