Feb 13 – 20, 2020
Asia/Seoul timezone

Pre-workshop requirements

1. Basic ROOT/c++

ROOT is a common data analysis framework in high energy physics. It is important for proponents to use common language for communication as a teamwork.

This workshop does not teach how to install ROOT and how to use it. Participants should have basic knowledge of ROOT data analysis framework and c++

The link below will guide you into the introduction of ROOT and basic c++ language.


Students should be ready with this program before the school.

2. Please reading the following 6 analyses and send us (fuks_at_lpthe.jussieu.fr) your top-3 selection on which you would like to work on during the workshop:

 1 - ATLAS-EXOT-2018-30: W' search (single lepton + MET)
 2 - ATLAS-SUSY-2017-04: displaced leptons
 3 - ATLAS-SUSY-2018-04: stau production
 4 - ATLAS-SUSY-2018-06: chargino-neutralino production
 5 - CMS-EXO-17-030: double trijet resonances
 6 - CMS-EXO-19-002: trilepton + MET search
 7 - CMS-HIG-18-011: NMSSM Higgs -> a1 a1 -> 2mu 2 b-jets


3. The template for the validation note is available here.