29 June 2020 to 10 July 2020
Europe/Zurich timezone

At the dawn of the precision era at the LHC, Monte Carlo Event 
Generators constitute the main bridge between theory and experiments. In 
this scenario, it becomes paramount to understand quantitatively the 
perturbative accuracy of the underlying algorithms in view of assessing 
precisely their theory uncertainty, and of formulating new methods to 
achieve higher perturbative accuracy in the simulations. In parallel, 
this theoretical progress crucially requires an efficient exploitation 
of modern computing technology to address the substantial CPU demand for 
event simulations at modern collider experiments. The goal of this 
workshop is to bring together leading experts in the field to analyse 
recent progress and encourage new collaborations to tackle the main open 

Organizers: Silvia Ferrario-Ravasio (IPPP, Durham), Pier Monni (CERN), Stefan Prestel (Lund Univ.), Emanuele Re (LAPTH, Annecy), Peter Richardson (CERN).

Application deadline : March 29, 2020 h23:59

The Organizing Committee is following the measures being taken by CERN against the COVID-19 outbreak.
We plan to make a decision about if and how to run the workshop by the end of April at the very latest.
Registration will be kept open until 12 April 2020, and the applications will be assessed shortly afterwards. 
Application for this event is currently open.