Detector Seminar

Monopix - radiation hard monolithic CMOS pixel detectors

by Norbert Wermes (University of Bonn (DE))

222/R-001 (CERN)



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Since 2013 Bonn University has developed - in collaboration with CERN, CPPM and IRFU - depleted monolithic active pixel sensors (DMAPS)  employing CMOS technology. The focus was especially on radiation hard designs suitable for operation in LHC-like environments. 
Two main lines of development have emerged from an initial study of different technologies: (a) large electrode designs with  electronics embedded in the collection well, realised in LFoundry 150 nm technology, and (b) small electrode designs with electronics set aside the charge collection node, realised in Tower Jazz 180 nm.
This talk will present the results of these developments  with respect to design features and performance with a focus on the column-drain readout type realised  in the large chips LF-Monopix1 and 2 as well as  TJ-Monopix1 and  2. Also “passive” CMOS sensors, suitable for ATLAS and CMS hybrid pixels, have been developed in this context and will be presented.
Organized by

Alessandro Marchioro (EP-ESE)