COVID-19 UPDATE:  The in-person meeting has been cancelled at this time. However, you will still be able to upload powerpoint or pdf slides.  To do this you must submit an abstract, and has been extended until March 28th.  After that point, your abstract will be accepted and you can upload your slides.  This will still be a good opportunity to share your research.  Since there are no time constraints, all submitted abstracts will be accepted.

First a disclaimer:  This is my personal advice/take on the situation.  It has not been endorsed by SPS or the University of Kansas.  It is the best advice I can give at this moment as we enter a difficult period.

The next couple months will be difficult for everybody.  The most important thing is to keep yourself, your family, and your friends safe and well.  Please follow the directions of the CDC/University/College.  There are many vulnerable populations and it is important to insure that the number of simultaneous illnesses is kept at a minimum.  In that way our healthcare system will be better able to provide adequate care to those who need it when they need it.  Despite the best intentions problems may still arise, the healthcare system may still be over stressed, and failings may happen.  It can already be seen in other states and around the world.  However, we do what we can.  While many of you may not be at risk, I'm sure we all know many others who are, whether they're healthcare workers on the front lines, elderly friends/family, immunocompromised individuals, etc.  Even if you do not view yourself as at risk, you may still catch the virus and become ill.  Above all, stay safe and well.

While you socially isolate, as much as possible, please use modern technology to keep in contact with your friends and family.  Get on Skype, Zoom, etc. to videoconference, or call and text regularly.  Reach out to each other as much as possible.  Schedules are important and useful.  Make a regularly scheduled meeting times, once or multiple times a week.  If it's already scheduled, it's unlikely you'll be "too busy" to schedule one.  Also, if somebody regularly shows up to these meetings but misses one, you'll know to reach out.  It will help ease the situation and allow you to support each other. 

Again, above all stay safe and stay well.

--Prof. Lewis






KU SPS Executive Committee

Zach Flowers (Grad President)

Pierce Giffin (Undergrad President)

Prof. Ian Lewis (Faculty Advisor)

Duncan McGraw (Treasurer)

John Pace (Secretary)