Detector Seminar

Tracking charged particles with 20ps timing resolution using 3D-trench Silicon Pixels

by Alessandro Cardini (INFN Cagliari, Italy)


The increase in instantaneous luminosity at the HL-LHC experiments will have a severe impact on event reconstruction. Original tracking capabilities could however be restored by measuring tracks with picosecond precision. Within the TIMESPOT and INSTANT initiatives we are developing innovative 3D pixels with the aim to build a demo mini-tracker using 55µm x 55µm silicon pixels with a required time resolution of better than 50ps per hit.  A first production batch of sensors was produced in 2019 by FBK in Trento, Italy. Different structures, designed on the basis of different electrodes geometries, were tested in 2019. A high-density trench-type pixel layout was found to be particularly interesting from the point of view of timing performances. In this seminar results on the sensor time resolution measured both in the laboratory with an infrared pulsed laser and with charged hadrons at the PSI πM1 beamline in October 2019 will be presented. In both tests, time resolutions around 20ps per hit have been measured, showing also that the performance obtained can be further improved, being still limited by the front-end electronics used.

Zoom connection details are given in the invitation email.

Organized by

Burkhard Schmidt (EP-DT)