An IRIS-HEP Blueprint Workshop

Sustainable Software in HEP

Virtual (Zoom)



Daniel S. Katz (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Graeme A Stewart (CERN), Mark Neubauer (Univ. Illinois at Urbana Champaign (US)), Sudhir Malik (URPM)

We are pleased to announce a half-day event “Sustainable Software in HEP”, which will be held virtually on July 22, 2020. This virtual mini-workshop is a Blueprint meeting of the Institute for Research and Innovation for Software in High-Energy Physics (IRIS-HEP). The IRIS-HEP Blueprint process is designed to develop and evolve the strategic vision of the Institute in key areas, such as the topic of this workshop, and engage with other communities.

Given that HL-LHC and other facilities of the 2020s will be relevant through at least the 2030s, it is not only desirable but necessary that the related software efforts include a strong element of sustainability to enable their adaptability to new challenges, longevity and efficiency. This will help ensure that the software will be easier to develop and maintain so that it remains available in the future on new platforms, meets new needs, and is as reusable as possible. Such practices could lead to new collaborations, including elements of HEP software being of direct use outside the field, and HEP developers contributing to software developed outside the field rather than reinventing it, as has happened more frequently in recent years. This will also give our software developers an important skill that is essential to careers in the realm of software, inside or outside HEP. The goal of this workshop is to bring together experts from our own community as well as those from outside to share their experiences and practices, and to articulate a vision that helps IRIS-HEP in creating a work plan to implement elements of software sustainability.

A final report on the workshop is available at

Registration for Sustainable Software in HEP
  • Adrian Price-Whelan
  • Alexander Held
  • Amit Kumar
  • Arturo Sanchez Pineda
  • Ben Galewsky
  • Benjamin Krikler
  • Benjamin Tovar Tovar
  • Benyounes Bel Moussa
  • cameron smith
  • Carlos Maltzahn
  • Caterina Doglioni
  • Christopher Tunnell
  • Claire David
  • Clemens Lange
  • Constantinos Andreopoulos
  • Daniel S. Katz
  • Danilo Piparo
  • David Bruhwiler
  • David Chamont
  • David Lange
  • De-Lin Macive Xiong
  • Eduardo Rodrigues
  • Edward Moyse
  • Eileen Kuehn
  • Elizabeth Sexton-Kennedy
  • Erin Becker
  • Gavin Davies
  • Gordon Watts
  • Graeme A Stewart
  • Graeme Watt
  • Grayson Rich
  • Guilherme Amadio
  • Heather Kelly
  • Heidi Schellman
  • Henry Fredrick Schreiner
  • Horst Severini
  • Ian Bird
  • Ian Cosden
  • Ianna Osborne
  • Ivo Jimenez
  • James Letts
  • Jeff LeFevre
  • Jim Pivarski
  • Jose Benito Gonzalez Lopez
  • Kenneth Herner
  • Kevin Michael Nelson
  • Kilian Lieret
  • Kétévi Adiklè Assamagan
  • Liliana Teodorescu
  • Maciej Pawel Szymanski
  • Marc Gabriel Weinberg
  • Marilena Bandieramonte
  • Mark Neubauer
  • Markus Diefenthaler
  • Martin Ritter
  • Mason Proffitt
  • Matthew Feickert
  • Max Fischer
  • Meirin Oan Evans
  • Miron Livny
  • Mitchell Karmen
  • Neil Chue Hong
  • Nicholas Murphy
  • Nick Manganelli
  • Nils Erik Krumnack
  • Noah Vaughan
  • Ole Hansen
  • Patrick Gartung
  • Paul James Laycock
  • Peter Couvares
  • Peter Elmer
  • Raj Kumar Pradhan
  • Rob Quick
  • Robert Kutschke
  • Sadhana Verma
  • Sam Foreman
  • Samuel Ross Meehan
  • Savannah Jennifer Thais
  • scott snyder
  • Sean Gilligan
  • Sinclert Perez
  • Stephanie Lieggi
  • Steve Black
  • Steven Gottlieb
  • Sudhir Malik
  • Thomas Vuillaume
  • Tom Eichlersmith
  • Torre Wenaus
  • Wouter Deconinck