Unit 11 - Mechanical design: structures




Ezio Todesco (CERN)

This units belongs to the fourth part of the course, focussed on magnet design. Here we discuss the mechanical structure to support the dipole and quadrupole coils.

We start with the collar concept, introduced with Tevatron magnets. The principles and equation for dimensioning the collars are presented. We then introduce collared structures with a partial support of the iron yoke. The collars can be completely replaced by the iron as a supporting structure, as in RHIC dipole, MQXA and HL LHC D1 magnets. We then introduce the concept based on Al shells and bladder and keys. After discussing the equation governing the prestress increase due to the shell, we give the constraints on the shell thickness and we present few cases. 

We then introduce the stress management concept, introduce for block coils and extended to sector coils. The canter cos theta design can be also seen as an extreme case of stress management. Finally we discuss the axial structures to support longitudinal forces.

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