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Scientific Program

We are planning to arrange two sessions every day with four invited talks of 30 minutes duration. After each session one hour will be devoted to moderated open discussion.

Topics to be discussed:

QCD under extreme conditions, Phases of Quark/Baryon Matter

- Strong-interacting matter at finite temperature
- QCD phase structure at non-zero baryon density
- Approaches to sign problem at non-zero baryon density
- QCD phase diagram under strong external magnetic field
- Phase diagram in the context of heavy-ion collisions
- QCD phase diagram in astrophysics
- Theoretical ideas and experimental searches of the critical point
- Non-zero isospin density and meson condensation
- QCD phase structure with chiral imbalance
- Effects of rotation in QCD phase diagram
- Anomalous transport phenomena and related issues: CME, CSC CVE, ...
- Inhomogeneous phases in strongly interacting matter
- Experimental results and future facilities

 Physics of heavy quarks

- New findings in heavy-quark spectroscopy
- Heavy quarkonia
-  Doubly heavy baryons
- Tetraquarks, pentaquarks
- Heavy-quark production
- Heavy flavours in QGP