LHC Forward Physics meeting

from Thursday, March 4, 2021 (10:00 AM) to Friday, March 5, 2021 (8:00 PM)

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Mar 4, 2021
Mar 5, 2021
2:00 PM Welcome - Paul Richard Newman (University of Birmingham (GB)) Christophe Royon (The University of Kansas (US))   ()
2:10 PM The CMS Precision Proton Spectrometer: performace and results in Run 2 - Diego Figueiredo (Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (BR))   ()
2:30 PM Overview of ATLAS forward proton detectors for LHC Run 3 and plans for the HL-LHC - Maciej Trzebinski (Polish Academy of Sciences (PL))   ()
2:50 PM The CMS Precision Proton Spectrometer: alignment, optics calibration and proton reconstruction in Run 2 - Frigyes Janos Nemes (CERN (also at Wigner RCP Budapest, Hungary))   ()
3:10 PM The ATLAS Forward Proton Time-of-Flight detector: use and projected performance for LHC Run 3 - Tomas Komarek (Palacky University (CZ))   ()
3:30 PM The ATLAS Forward Proton Real-Time Time-of-Flight Trigger and Trigger Decoder for LHC Run 3 - Jan Zich (University of West Bohemia (CZ))   ()
3:50 PM --- Coffee break ---
4:05 PM Near-beam proton tagging in CMS at the HL-LHC - Mario Deile (CERN)   ()
4:25 PM Physics perspectives of a CMS near-beam proton spectrometer at HL-LHC - Michael Pitt (CERN)   ()
4:45 PM Exclusive WW production in hadronic and semi-leptonic channels at the LHC - Cristian Baldenegro Barrera (The University of Kansas (US))   ()
5:05 PM Exclusive dilepton production in ATLAS - Jesse Liu (University of Chicago)   ()
5:25 PM Relative luminosity determination using ATLAS Forward Proton detectors - Bellisario Esposito (INFN e Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati (IT))   ()
5:45 PM Discussion session   ()
2:00 PM A new approach to modelling elastic and inelastic photon-initiated production at the LHC: SuperChic 4 - Dr Lucian Harland-Lang (University of Oxford) Lucian Harland-Lang (Durham University)   ()
2:20 PM Phenomenological aspects of hadronic structure at small-x - Francesco Giovanni Celiberto (Università della Calabria and INFN Cosenza (Italy)) Dr Francesco Giovanni Celiberto (ECT*/FBK Trento & INFN-TIFPA)   ()
2:40 PM Light-by-light scattering from SLAC to the LHC and exotic searches - Laurent Olivier Schoeffel (Université Paris-Saclay (FR))   ()
3:00 PM Odderon dicovery in D0/TOTEM - Christophe Royon (The University of Kansas (US))   ()
3:20 PM --- Coffee brek ---
3:35 PM Coulomb-nuclear interference in elastic scattering: eikonal calculation to all orders of alpha - Jan Kaspar (Czech Academy of Sciences (CZ))   ()
3:55 PM Measurements of events with jet-gap-jet topology by CMS and TOTEM - Cristian Baldenegro Barrera (The University of Kansas (US))   ()
4:15 PM Jet-gap-jet phenomenology - Pablo Gonzalez   ()
4:35 PM The FACET project - Michael Albrow (Fermi National Accelerator Lab. (US))   ()
4:55 PM Proton spectra in full kinematic range of x_F and rapidity. - Olga Piskunova (Russian Academy of Sciences (RU))   ()
5:15 PM Continuous acquisition, software synchronized, 600Msps TDC in AFP - Radu Radulescu (Telluric Labs LLC)   ()
5:35 PM Discussion session   ()