IT Lightning Talks: session #20



Alberto Di Meglio (CERN), Andrei Dumitru (CERN), Pedro Ferreira (CERN), Sebastian Lopienski (CERN)

IT Lightning Talks (ITLT) are short presentations on any topic related to computing technology or to the IT department. See more here:

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      Speakers: Andrei Dumitru (CERN), Pedro Ferreira (CERN)
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      A short δ from paper to code with Julia

      Community, simplicity, more speed!
      These are some of the reasons we might check out a new language.
      I play with the Julia language because of its expressiveness, which helps me understand a complicated natural algorithm (linguistic complexity).

      Join me to see how Julia helps me on my side quest to model the human brain!

      Speaker: Konstantinos Samaras-Tsakiris (CERN)
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      How to write your own firewall

      eBPF is a technology that is being rapidly developed for the Linux kernel and that you've probably never heard of. It offers many possibilities, from tracing and profiling to filtering system calls and network packets. We will briefly discuss how it works, how you can run it and some fun things that you can do with it.

      Speaker: Nikolaos Filippakis (CERN)
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      Turning my Home Smart and a couple of appliances autonomous

      When technology and vendor lock-in overlap, we may end up with three different smart phone applications just to be able to control our smart lights, garage and led strips, respectively. It becomes a mess.

      It all started two years ago when I naively tried to automate my garage doors. In theory, I expected to buy a device, plug it in and connect my phone. Instead, I was on the verge into a road of custom firmwares, soldering and a vast community of IOT. In this talk you’ll hear about how my experience in turning my home smart and autonomous.

      Speaker: Pedro Lourenco (CERN)
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      Building your own keyboard

      Keyboards used to be yet another boring off-the-shelf commodity sold in two different colours. But during the last few years they seem to have become the ultimate geek fashion accessory, popping up in all kinds of colours and shapes. Much of this is due to a thriving DIY community. In this talk I will try to convince you that building your own keyboard is actually not that hard.

      Speaker: Pedro Ferreira (CERN)
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      Online conference - can we take a group picture?

      Covid-19 stopped us from attending conferences and workshops in-person; we take part in virtual events instead. While presentations and discussions can be held via Zoom, it's much harder to reproduce any social aspects - forget the ad-hoc coffee chats or late-evening pub discussions. Can we at least see faces of other online participants, and have a group photo of a virtual event?

      Speaker: Sebastian Lopienski (CERN)
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      Organising your backpacking trip using Google My Maps

      A CLI tool for planning trip itinerary

      Speaker: Adeel Ahmad (CERN)
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      Open mic'