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Participant List

146 participants

First Name Last Name Affiliation
Bijaya Sharma Institute for Basic Science, UST
Bobae Kim Kyungpook National University (KR)
Bongho Kim Seoul National University (KR)
Bum-Hoon Lee Sogang University
Byeonghak Ko University of Seoul, Department of Physics (KR)
ByungGu Cheon Hanyang University
Byungsik Hong Korea University
Carsten Rott Sungkyunkwan University
Chang Hyon Ha Chung-Ang University
Chang Whan Jung Korea University
Chang-Seong Moon Kyungpook National University (KR)
ChangDong Shin Chonnam National University
Changgi Huh Kyungpook National University (KR)
Chanju Kim Ewha Womans University
Choong Sun Kim Yonsei/Dongshin
Chun Sil Yoon Gyeongsang National University
Daekwon Kim Kyungpook National University (KR)
Daeun Jung Sungkyunkwan University
Dong Hee Kim Kyungpook National University
Dong Woo Kang KIAS
Donghyun Song University of Seoul, Department of Physics (KR)
Dongsu Bak University of Seoul
Eun-Joo Kim Jeonbuk National University
Eunhyang Kwon Sungkyunkwan University
Eunju Jeon IBS/CUP
Eunkyung Lee Center for Underground Physics, IBS
Gyeong Gu Lee Sungkyunkwan University (KR)
Gyunho Yu SKKU
Haneol Lee Seoul National University
Hayoung Oh Korea University (KR)
HEE WON LEE Sungkyunkwan University
Hong Joo Kim Kyungpook National University
Hwi Dong Yoo Yonsei University (KR)
Hye-Sung Lee KAIST
Hyon San Seo Seoul National University (KR)
Hyon-Suk Jo Kyungpook National University
Hyun Min Lee CAU - Chung-Ang University (KR)
Hyun Su Lee CUP, Institute for Basic Science
Hyunchul Kim Chonnam National University (KR)
Hyungi Lee Seoul National University
Ian James Watson University of Seoul
Inseok Yoon Seoul National University
Insung Yeo seoyeong university
Intae Yu Sungkyunkwan University (KR)
Jae Hyeok Yoo Korea University (KR)
Jae Jin Hong Sungkyunkwan University (KR)
Jae Sung Kim Seoul National University (KR)
Jae-Weon Lee Jungwon univ.
Jaebeom Park Korea University (KR)
Jaewon Song Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Jason Lee University of Seoul (KR)
Jayashri Padmanaban Korea University (KR)
Jeong Hwa Kim Korea University
Jeong-Hyuck Park Sogang University
Jeongeun Lee Seoul National University (KR)
Jeonghyeon Song Konkuk University
Ji Eun Choi Hanyang University (KR)
Ji Hwan Bhyun Seoul National University (KR)
Ji-Woong Seo Sungkyunkwan University
Ji-Yeong CHOI Chonnam Nat. Univ.
Jieun Hong Kyungpook National University (KR)
Jihun Kim Seoul National University (KR)
Jihyeok Jeong ChungAng University
Jin-A Jeon Institute for basic science
JINHEUNG KIM Konkuk University
Jiseon Song Chung-Ang University
Jiwon Park Hanyang University
Jong-Chul Park Chungnam National University
Jong-Wan Lee Pusan National University
Jonggeon Kim Sungkyunkwan University
Jonghee Yoo KAIST
Jongwon Lim Hanyang University (KR)
Juneho Choi Dongshin University
Junho Kim Seoul National University
Junlee Kim Jeonbuk National University (KR)
Kang Young Lee Gyeongsang National University
Kihyeon Cho KISTI
Kwang Sik Jeong Pusan National University
Kyong Sei Lee Korea University
Kyung Kwang Joo Chonnam National University
Kyungho Kim Yonsei University
Kyungwon Kim IBS, CUP
Mi Ran Kim Sungkyunkwan University (KR)
Min Sang Ryu University of Seoul (KR)
Minseok Oh Seoul National University (KR)
Minuk Choi Sungkyunkwan University
Moo Hyun Lee Center for Underground Physics, IBS
Mugeon Song GIST college
Myeong-Hwan Mun Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information
MyeongJae Lee IBS/CAPP
Myoung Youl Pac Dongshin University
Myungbo Shim Kyung Hee University
Pyungwon Ko KIAS
Sang Il Pak Kyungpook National University (KR)
Sanghoon Jeon Sungkyunkwan University
Seh Wook Lee Kyungpook National University (KR)
Sehwook Lee Kyungpook National University (KR)
Seodong Shin Jeonbuk National University
Seohyeon An Hanyang University (KR)
Seok Kim Seoul National University
Seok-Gyeong Yoon KAIST
Seong Chan Park Yonsei University
Seong Youl Choi Jeonbuk National University
Seonghyeon Yu Sungkyunkwan University
Seung J. Lee Korea University
Seungjin Yang University of Seoul
Seungkyu Ha Yonsei University (KR)
Seyong Kim Sejong University
Si Hyun Jeon Seoul National University (KR)
Soo-Bong Kim Sungkyunkwan University
SooJin Lee Konkuk University
Sookyung Choi Gyeongsang National University
Sungbin Oh seoul national university
Sunghoon Jung Seoul National University
SungHyun Kim CUP, Institute for Basic Science
Sungjin Cho Yonsei Univ.
Sunil Manohar Dogra Kyungpook National University (KR)
Sunny Seo IBS-CUP
Tae Jeong Kim Hanyang University (KR)
Un-Ki Yang Seoul National University (KR)
Vasiliki Mitsou IFIC - Univ. of Valencia and CSIC (ES)
Won Jun Seoul National University (KR)
Won Sang Cho Seoul National University
WonKyung Kim UST,IBS
Woohyun Chung IBS-CAPP
Woojin Jang University of Seoul
Yang Hwan Ahn Chung-Ang University
Yechan Kang University of Seoul, Department of Physics (KR)
Yongheon Ahn Korea University
Yongho Jeong Sungkyunkwan University (KR)
Yonghoon Lee Sungkyunkwan Univ.
Yongkyu Kim Yonsei Univ
Yoomin Oh Center for Underground Physics, Institute for Basic Science (CUP, IBS)
Youn Jung Roh University of Seoul, Department of Physics (KR)
Young Do Oh Kyungpook National University (KR)
Young Ju Ko CUP, IBS
YOUNGHOON LEE Sungkyunkwan University (KR)
Youngjoon Kwon Yonsei University
Yujin Kim Kyung Hee Univ.
Yun Eo Yonsei Univ
Yunha Lee Korea Univ.
준호 chung-ang university
시연 Chung-Ang University
준길 경북대학교 고에너지물리연구소 학부연구생