Jun 14 – 18, 2021
Online event
Europe/Zurich timezone

Online platforms


This Indico school website is your starting point for anything related to the School. In particular, lecture slides, lecture quizzes, and exercise materials will be linked from the corresponding classes.


The school will take place on Zoom - a video-conferencing platform that most of you are familiar with. You may connect using Zoom client software.

An individual link to connect to the Zoom room will be sent to each selected participant, and can also be seen here. You don’t need to have a Zoom account to connect. 

We will ask you to remain muted and have your camera disabled during the classes - except when asking a question (see below), or when working on a group assignment.

Asking questions

If you want to ask a question during or at the end of a class, you have two possibilities:

  • Use the Raise hand button ✋  in the Participants or Reactions windows
  • Ask your question in the Chat window

Please note that the lecturer may decide to take questions at certain moments of the lecture, or only at the end. During the questions and answers time, the lecturer (or the convener) will invite you to ask the question verbally - at this  moment, please unmute yourself and ideally enable the camera too, if possible.

The lecturer may also not notice your question or raised hand, while he/she is focused on giving the lecture. The convener will ensure that questions are addressed at the end of the class, if not before.


All the lectures will be recorded, and the recordings will be published and linked from the corresponding contributions as soon as possible. Please note that by participating in this school, you automatically give us your consent for being recorded (for example, questions that you may ask will be included in the recording).


Zoom chat is good for quick exchanges during the classes, but is not suitable for longer discussions (and is ephemeral, too). If you want to discuss school-related topics with the lecturers and other participants, please use Mattermost chat.

(For the first connection to Mattermost, you will need the invitation link - it will be sent to you by email, and can also be accessed here.)

The following channels were created for this purpose: 

These Mattermost channels will be available some time before the school, and will remain open for some time after the school, as long as they are used.

If you are not a frequent Mattermost user, here are some usage hints:

  • When joining a message thread, make sure to hit the "Reply" button (or press Shift-Up keys)
  • Use @name to notify a fellow participant, a lecturer or an organiser
  • Manage the notifications (popups, pings etc.) at ☰ menu - Account Settings - Notifications (more details)
  • See more in Mattermost User's Guide


CodiMD is an online tool for collaborative note editing (using Markdown language). CodiMD instance at CERN can be used for working on shared documents during group assignments:

  • Go to https://codimd.web.cern.ch and sign in
  • The secretary creates a new document; changes its access permission from "Limited" to "Editable"; and shares the URL via the Zoom chat
  • Everyone opens the document in their browser to see the live document, or even edit it in parallel with other group members