Jul 5 – 9, 2021
Europe/Zurich timezone

Easily report the progress of a program to your mobile

Jul 5, 2021, 4:50 PM
Lightning talk Plenary Session Monday


Matias Senger (Universitaet Zuerich (CH))


Many times we perform automated tasks that demand a lot of time (hours, days, weeks), for example some measurement in the lab sweeping some parameter and acquiring data. Furthermore, no matter how much care we have when coding, there is always the possibility for some unexpected problem to occur and stop the execution of our program, without us noticing it (unless we go there and see it crashed). To deal with this problem I developed a very simple yet useful package to easily report the progress of loops using a Telegram bot. This package reports in a Telegram conversation (i.e. to your cell phone and/or any PC worldwide) the percentage of progress and the remaining time to complete the execution of the program. By default it sends one update per minute. When the program is finished, it sends a notification informing whether there was an error or not. In this way there is no need to regularly check the status/progress of some task, which is especially useful when it may require some days or even weeks to complete. This package is plug 'n play, you install it and it is ready to go, it is cross platform and requires no special permission so it should work anywhere. In this talk I will show how to use it.

Primary author

Matias Senger (Universitaet Zuerich (CH))

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