August 23, 2021 to September 4, 2021
Europe/Zurich timezone

Scientific Programme

Perturbative QCD and Jet Physics - Stefano Forte (U. of Milan & INFN Milan)

Monte Carlo Generators - Rikkert Frederix (Lund U.)

Higgs and Electroweak Theory - Sally Dawson (BNL)

BSM Experimental Searches - Zachary Marshall (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab)

BSM Theory - John Ellis (King's College London)

Higgs and Standard Model Measurements - Josh Bendavid (CERN)

High-density QCD with Proton and Ion Beams (Theory) - Aleksas Mazeliauskas (CERN)

High-density QCD with Proton and Ion Beams (Experiments) - Alice Ohlson (Lund University)

Flavour Physics - Patrick Owen (University of Zurich)

Machine Learning (+ Introduction on Statistics) - Michael Kagan (SLAC)

Accelerator Technologies - Daniel Schulte (CERN)

Detector Technologies - Daniela Bortoletto (U. of Oxford)


Special Lectures:

  • The European Strategy and Future Prospects - Beate Heinemann (DESY & U. of Freiburg)
  • Software and Computing Challenges - Tommaso Boccali (INFN Pisa)
  • The CERN Neutrino Platform - Albert de Roeck (CERN)
  • Lattice QCD - Maxwell Hansen (U. of Edinburgh)

Discussion Sessions:

There will be parallel discussion sessions, lasting about 60 minutes, during the School. Students remain in the same discussion group for the duration of the School.