Dec 13 – 16, 2021
Europe/Zurich timezone
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Development of Concept Inventories fitting Japanese High School Physics II

Dec 16, 2021, 8:00 AM
Zoom ID: 701 110 5119, Passcode: 12345 (Zoom 3)

Zoom ID: 701 110 5119, Passcode: 12345

Zoom 3

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Presentations in Hanoi 11. Secondary school physics Parallel 9 - Hanoi


Ruita Nishimura (Tokyo Gakugei University high school)


This talk is the latter of serial presentations, and an overview of our project and method of test-data analyses will be shown in the previous one. The purpose of this study is to develop concept inventories fitting to the standard curricula for Japanese high school physics. In this talk, we will show some examples of a “trial” version of the test and discuss student’s misconceptions based on student’s responses to it. For example, by making an item related to sushi and improving the items of the existing concepts inventories, we made the concepts inventory in the context familiar to Japanese students.

Primary author

Ruita Nishimura (Tokyo Gakugei University high school)


Hideo Nitta (Tokyo Gakugei University) Haruko Uematsu (Tokyo Gakugei University) Hitoshi Katsuda Michi Ishimoto (Kochi University of Technology) Shuji Ukon (Tokyo City University) Fumiko Okiharu Jun-ichiro Yasuda (Yamagata University) Akihito Imai (Waseda Junior and Senior High School) Asako Kariya (Tokyo Gakugei University International Secondary School) Akihiro Shimizu (Hosei University Kokusai High School) Kenya Nagakura (Yokosuka-Otsu Senior High School) Kenta Hiramoto (Kanagawa University Junior and Senior High School) Kai Eto (Daito Bunka University Dai-ichi High School) Gaku Yamamoto (Nagaoka One High School) So-ichiro Ogata (Ichikawa Gakuen Ichikawa Junior and Senior High School)

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