Aug 8 – 12, 2022
Prague, Charles University
Europe/Prague timezone


These posters were selected and will be presented by following participants:


Md Abhishek Scattering Amplitudes and BCFW in N = 2* Theory
Tommaso Armadillo Evaluation of Feynman integrals with arbitrary complex masses via series expansions
Connor Armstrong Effective Field Theory Ampltitudes in de Sitter
Piotr Bargiela Three-loop helicity amplitudes for diphoton production in gluon fusion
Yilber Fabian Bautista On the double copy for massive spinning particles
Justin Berman The N = 4 SUSY EFTHedron with a Mass Gap
Weiguang Cao Non-renormalization theorems in EFT beyond linear order
Aleksander Cianciara N-Extended Supersymmetry, Polytopic Representation Theory, and Homological Quantum Error Correction
Miguel Correia Probing multi-particle unitarity with the Landau equations
Sudeepan Datta Analysis of Feynman integrals as GKZ-hypergeometric functions
Lorenzo Diaz-Cruz The Higgs-Graviton Couplings: from Amplitudes to the Action
Felipe Diaz-Jaramillo Double Field Theory as the Double Copy of Yang-Mills
Nick Early Biadjoint Scalars and Associahedra from Residues of Generalized Amplitudes
Bruno Giménez Umbert Smoothly Splitting Amplitudes and Semi-Locality
Mathieu Giroux Loop-by-loop differential equations for the dual sunrise integral
Riccardo Gonzo Classical gravitational bound states from amplitudes
Max Guillen Towards a Manifestly Super-Poincaré Covariant Description for 11D Supergravity Interactions
Subramanya Hegde Double copy construction of N=3 conformal supergravity
Carlo Heissenberg The eikonal exponentiation and soft theorems
Aidan Herderschee On the Differential Representation and Color-Kinematics Duality of AdS Boundary Correlators
Ina Hoenemann Three-loop master integrals for Γ(H → b ̄b) at O(α²αs)
Yangrui Hu Celestial Lorentzian Correlators and Light Transforms
Shih-Kuan Chen Probing the Double-Copy Landscape
Hiren Kakkad Towards developing quantum correction to a new Wilson-line based action for gluodynamics
James Mangan Non-perturbative Double Copy in Flatland
Gabriel Menezes Scattering amplitudes in higher-derivative Yang-Mills theories and quadratic gravity
Saurabh Pant Soft factors and interaction vertices from light-cone actions
Utkarsh Patel Numerically analyzing self-interacting dark matter
Michal Pazderka Symplectic Grassmannians, dual conformal symmetry and 4-point amplitudes in 6D
Paolo Pichini Classical Strings from Amplitudes
Felipe Ignacio Portales Oliva Reconciling classical and quantum electromagnetic radiation through zero-Rindler-energy photons
Lecheng Ren Deformed w(1+infinity) algebra on the celestial sphere and higher-derivative gauge and gravity amplitudes
Carlos Rodriguez Genus-one open string integrals with multiple unintegrated punctures
Arnab Priya Saha One loop integrand from generalized scattering equations
Shigenori Seki Two-point string amplitudes revisited
Christian Schubert Berends-Giele currents, color-kinematics duality and double-copy relations from the string-based formalism
Yong Zhang One-loop BCJ numerators with quadratic propagators from the worldsheet
Shun-Qing Zhang Integrated correlators in N = 4 super Yang–Mills and periods


Please bring your posters on Monday, August 8 during coffee or lunch breaks. Note that a poster session is planned during the Welcome Reception (Monday evening).

Size recommendations: an A0-sized poster in the portrait layout is preferred (height 1189 mm × width 841 mm). A1-sized portrait or landscape layout posters will also fit the A0-Portrait poster stands.

The participants attending the Amplitudes Summer School might consider printing the poster in Prague. Please contact Michal Pazderka for more information.