Aug 8 – 12, 2022
Prague, Charles University
Europe/Prague timezone

Short schedule and talk titles



Talk titles

Agnese BissiA CFT perspective on AdS amplitudes
Alessandra BuonannoFrom Scattering Amplitudes to Gravitational-Wave Observations
Alex EdisonPushing the loop frontier in non-planar N=4 sYM
Alexander ZhiboedovScattering amplitudes from dispersive iterations
Alfredo GuevaraIs gravity integrable?
Amit SeverLine Operators in Chern-Simons-Matter Theories and Bosonization in Three Dimensions
Andrew McLeodNew Constraints on the Discontinuity Structure of Feynman Integrals
Andrzej PokrakaThe duals of Feynman integrals
Callum JonesFrom Scattering Amplitudes to N-Body Hamiltonians in General Relativity and Beyond
Chia-Hsien ShenAmplitudes, Angular Momentum, and the Binary Inspiral Problem
Congkao WenSome exact results in N=4 super Yang-Mills and S-duality.
Dalimil MazacDispersion Relations in Conformal Field Theories
David KosowerWaveforms from Amplitudes
Dima ChicherinWilson loops with Lagrangian insertion
Gabriele TravagliniClassical general relativity from the double copy and the kinematic algebra of YM theory
Guilherme PimentelDifferential Equations for Cosmological Correlators
Gustav MogullSUSY in the Sky with Gravitons
Henriette ElvangBootstrapping Z-theory
Hofie HannesdotirCompatibility of Landau Singularities
Johannes HennTowards the function space for two-loop six-particle scattering amplitudes
Julio Parra-MartinezAmplitudes, soft theorems and geometry
Lance DixonAntipodal Duality
Laurentiu RodinaEFT and Modular hedrons: bootstrapping with Minkowski sums
Livia FerroThe Loop Momentum Amplituhedron
Lucia CordovaFrom conformal correlators to analytic S-matrices: CFT1/QFT2
Mariana Carrillo-GonzalezConstructing well-defined massive double copies
Mark SpradlinOn Effective Field Theories with Celestial Duals
Matthew SchwartzMachine Learning for Amplitudes
Matthias WilhelmSymbology for elliptic Feynman integrals and scattering amplitudes
Michele LeviA Tale of Tails via Generalized Unitarity
Monica PateAdvances in Celestial Holography
Natalie Pacquette4d physics from 2d chiral correlators
Nathaniel CraigAmplitudes and the Functional Geometry of Effective Field Theories
Nima Arkani-HamedAll-loop scattering as a counting problem
Paolo BenincasaThe Geometry of perturbative unitarity
Paul HeslopInternal boundaries in the loop amplituhedron
Sabrina PasterskiSymmetries and Celestial Amplitudes
Sebastian MizeraThree things we’ve learned about infrared divergences this year
Shruti ParanjapeNon-planar BCFW Grassmannian Geometries
Silvia NagyGeneralised asymptotics in the self-dual sector
Simone ZoiaTwo-loop QCD corrections to five-particle amplitudes with one massive leg
Song HeFun with twistor-space geometries
Tim AdamoCurved backgrounds and scattering amplitude
Xi YinOn-shell bad, off-shell good: D-instanton amplitudes and string field theory
Zvi BernScattering Amplitudes and Gravitational Waves
Zohar KomargodskiTopological Methods in Quantum Field Theory: a Review of Recent Developments